Relaxing Getaway: The Glamp Sri Lanka – Makola

Relaxing Getaway: The Glamp Sri Lanka – Makola

Overall Rating (5/5)

The Glamp Sri lanka – Makola is a peaceful spot just 15 kilometers away from Colombo city. It offers beautiful views of the highway and green paddy fields.

One great thing about this place is the security cameras that keep an eye on things, making you feel safe. The owner is super friendly, which adds to the welcoming vibe.

The beds are really comfy, so you’ll get a good night’s sleep. While there’s no hot water, it’s not a big deal because the weather is warm anyway.

Overall, we had a great time during our two-night stay at The Glamp Sri Lanka – Makola. It’s a lovely place to unwind and enjoy some quiet time away from the city!

Shiroshi Gunarathna,
Bucketlist Journey